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Our Quality Guarantees

In France throughout the territory, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and Luxembourg

With strategic locations in Paris and Tours, we can go anywhere in France and Europe quickly to intervene or involve our network.

For example, in 2019, we intervened among others in : Evreux, Cesson-Sevigné, Trégueux, Château d'Olonne, Tours, Neuvy-le-Roi, Narbonne, Avignon, Périgueux, Auxerre, Lyon, Biarritz ...

Certifications REV ® & TRV ® by TEGoVA

Certifications REV ® & TRV ® by TEGoVA - Lexpertissimmo

The European Group of Valuer's Associations (TEGoVA) set up in 2008 the certification program Recognised European Valuer - REV ® to enable property valuation experts, through their professional associations, to benefit from a status higher than TEGoVA's minimum training standards. Obtaining this certification attests to the competence to carry out missions on all types of property. The REV qualification is awarded after an examination for a renewable five-year period. It is awarded by national professional associations authorised for this purpose by TEGoVA. All reports are made by a certified expert.

TEGoVA also created in 2016 the expert certification program TEGoVA Residential Valuer - TRV ® to allow experts to specialize in residential expertise. The conditions of attribution, renewal and specifications are the same as for REV exception made from the commercial part.

Guillaume Philippon is REV since 2014 and TRV since 2019


The European Group of Valuers' Associations

The European Group of Valuers' Associations - Lexpertissimmo

Below is the TEGoVA Blue Book containing the 8th edition of the European Evaluation Standards

During the last TEGoVA International Congress from 26 to 28 October 2017 it was reminded:

"The AVMs (Automated Valuation Models) cannot be used to produce an EVS-compliant valuation report regardless of a valuation process based, among other things, on the evaluator’s inspection of the property and the application of the valuation's decision by the evaluator. When used, AVM is a tool that helps the evaluator to estimate the value of the property. However, the evaluator remains responsible."

TEGoVA in phase with the mortgage credit reform that came into effect on July 1, 2016 and the new standards, indeed state:

« The Evaluation […] consists in determining the value of the property after analysis of all the documents communicated by the lender and which are useful for carrying out the evaluation according to the standards in place » (article L. 313-21 of the Consumption Code).

If this service is offered, « when the lender proceeds with the evaluation of the residential property financed with a loan referred to in Article L. 313-1, it shall ensure that : 
1° This be carried out by an expert in real estate valuation justifying his professional competence and independent of the decision making process to provide an unbiased and objective evaluation; 
2° It be made using reliable evaluation standards, taking into account internationally recognised standards too » (article L. 313-20 of the Consumption Code).

Professional Continuing Education

Professional Continuing Education - Lexpertissimmo

Lexpertissimmo animates professional continuing education on various topics:

  • Establishment of a negotiation service,
  • Real estate valuation expertise for residential property: house, apartment & land, TEGoVA Recognised European Valuer certification course,
  • Real estate valuation expertise for commercial premises, TEGoVA Recognised European Valuer certification course,
  • The Refresher Professional Training of Certified Recognised European Valuer experts from TEGoVA,
  • ...

 This does not mean we have to complete, as a trainee, our 20 hours of annual Professional Continuing Education required to maintain the Recognised European Valuer certification, which undoubtedly allows us to learn, share, question and complete our experience strengthened in the field.

Securing the contract : our commitments

With the client, we first have an exchange to know his expectations and the scope of the mission he wants to entrust us, with the aim also to respect a logic of invoicing.

Following which we draw up a mission letter indicating:

  • Names of the parties
  • Object of the mission
  • Objective of the mission
  • Documents required
  • Price (including all costs)
  • ...

Upon receipt of the letter of engagement signed by the client and the deposit (30%) or the totality of the invoice, we intervene within 15 days to return then our report under 21 days (except contractual provisions contrary).

We charge the fees to our account after submitting the report.

European's Cerifications

European's Cerifications - Lexpertissimmo