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All informations about Lexpertissimmo

Lexpertissimmo has a solid experience in the expertise of real estate valuation.
We provide you with our professionalism and our experience to be able to satisfy each of your demands.
Lexpertissimmo performs expertise in property valuation to determine the market value of a property, its mortgage lending value, its market rental value or a compensation for eviction in: sales, acquisition and also in donation files, or for inheritance or shares, all this in discussions with the tax administration. We are able to intervene in a mutual agreement or in a context of litigation. In addition, we work on Professional Continuing Education and auditing real estate professionals on their activities.

What are the Values of Lexpertissimmo ?

What are the Values of Lexpertissimmo ? - Lexpertissimmo
  • Lex : comes from the Latin word to designate the written law as opposed to usus (custom) and we work on written reports in accordance with the rules of our profession
  • Expert : because we are selected by the parties to examine one thing and recognized in this activity for our professional experience and our analysis
  • Issime : Suffix marking the superlative value or the extreme quality which are the primary purposes for each of our reports
  • Immo : diminutive of the word real estate which is the raw material of our activity

European's Cerifications

European's Cerifications - Lexpertissimmo